What’s New around KLRNRadio?

What’s New

First and foremost, I must thank all of our loyal listeners. Without you, we would not exist.

We are sad to say goodbye, at least for now, to Bryce Robins, who is starting a new chapter in his life. Bryce was elected to serve on his local school board. Here’s a clip from his recent appearance on America off the Rails.

Congratulations, Bryce. We will miss you around here.

We have a new show you might have missed, it launched in December when all of us were starting to focus on the holidays.

Susan Swift and Dan Wright discuss current events and politics. Susan has a political background, and has written for Politichicks and other well known sites. Meanwhile, Dan possesses a huge dose of common sense and federalist values. When the two of them sit down at the table, it’s anyone’s guess as to where the topics will go.

It’s an awesome show, with Susan bringing a uniquely Californian conservative view-point to the current issues. One never knows what topics Susan and Dan will bring up.


Notes from the Founders

A note from Rick

Hello, my name is Rick Robinson. I’m one of the founding partners of KLRN-DB or KLRNRadio.com and this is our first official newsletter!! First, I’d like to thank all of our loyal listeners for making KLRN Radio a raging success in it’s first 6 months of life. Second, if you are new around here, this newsletter has been an idea for quite awhile. Finally, it’s a reality. We hope to use it to communicate upcoming events, contests, station sponsors, as well as things like fan and host favorite shows or specials. So, as we continue to grow, I invite you to come along for the ride. I hope you enjoy what we bring you as much as we enjoy making our dream a reality. We think we have something unique here. We offer multiple points of view and multiple perspectives about the events and news of the day and allow you the listener to make up your own mind.

A note from Ann

I know you don’t get to hear me on the air, but I do interact with our listeners. I’m often the person behind that official twitter feed of @KLRNRadio. I even occasionally pop into the chat room or show up at random points. I do read each and every comment that comes through the contact form. So, I’ve decided to share a special piece of my daily life with you.
I love coffee. I also have a huge patriotic streak. So, I found a way to combine those things into one thing. I commissioned a piece of custom artwork that speaks to my heart. Then I had it made into a coffee mug.

You can win my coffee mug. Well, not my coffee mug, but one just like it. My mug was custom made and I will have one exactly like it made and shipped to you.

Here’s how to enter: Go to the Contact Us page and fill in the contact form. Tell me your favorite show and you are entered to win. The winner will be selected randomly form all valid entries submitted by midnight on February 28th, 2017 (Eastern Time). The winner will be contacted via email; we will also post a note on the site mentioning the winner’s name. Hosts and their families are not permitted to enter.

I will be sneaking around the site popping in and out of the chat room during live shows and sending out tweets, who knows I might have more than one mug to give away.


Position Openings

We are currently seeking additional hosts. We are especially on the lookout for a liberal host or even  few of them. We can train you to produce, if you want your own show, or you can wet your feet. No experience necessary. We have a show, Finding Common Ground, that requires an opposing point of view. To participate in this show, all you need is commitment and a Skype account. The time commitment is about one and a half hours on air, plus show preparation into areas of your own interests. Contact the station via the contact form on the Contact Us page for more information.


We always look forward to your feedback feel free to drop us a line. Of course, we’d love to have you follow us on FacebookTwitter, or like our google+  profile.