Revitalizing Lives

Hosted ByDave Matthews & Doc Diego

Having served in the U.S. military for 17 1/2 years, I have stood by and believe in our country's principles and protected our nation's way of life and feel that I have served to the best of my ability. As a Radio Host, I now protect our nations' way of life with information and resources to our battle riddled Korean, Vietnam, and Gulf War Veterans.

Shadow Warriors Chance .Ryan Weaver

Shadow Warriors "Hollywood" & Ryan Weaver Country listen as they share the sacrifices of our military and First Responders "Bromance" military-style.

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Shadow Warriors Bad Rob

Bad Rob, we know him as Poem Whisperer. He has a different take on a non-profit, that it is okay to be broken by a narcissistic person as long...

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Shadow Warriors

Our Mission We at K-9 LINE are here to provide tailored training to meet the specific needs of each individual veteran applicant. Our program is in most cases a 6...

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Shadow Warriors Wheeelchair for Warriors

Our mission is to stand in the gap between the underfunded provisions for veterans and first responders and help our warriors Roll Strong! Wheelchairs for Warriors provides custom-fit, complex-rehab...

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Shadow Warriors SEth Bai 2.4

Meet Seth Bai Platoon SGT of 2/4 Ramadi, As many as a dozen U.S. Marines were killed in heavy fighting in the western Iraq town of Ramadi, the latest...

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Captain America Andy Mackersano dies by SUICIDE

As COVID 19 shutdowns take a toll on mental health resources for former combat troops and their families- Master SGT Andy Marckerson served 6 full tours and a half...

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