Cyber Wars

Hosted ByCyberPrin and the Opulent Amish

Two geeks in a virtual room hash out our love-hate relationship with the internet. We separate social hype from reality, help you avoid the prying eyes of big tech and talk a lot about that “anonymous hacker” that hacked your webcam and downloaded the video of you….you know. We also get into details about state sponsored cyber combat.

Like JC said, “It’s like Kim Commando for people who already know how to set up a printer.”

Pesky servers and stuff

What's the deal with the DNC Server and Ukraine. The timeline. Article 2, section 3 and the president's obligation.

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Cyber Coup: Burning A CIA Asset Three Times

A CIA asset burned three times. Disinformation agents are the same as they ever were. Watch that mobile device. Thanks for listening!

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Social Espionage: Ukraine, Russia, Iran and 2020

Talking about the latest election cyber security report from FireEye. Why did they leave out the Ukraine? Check out the PDF here:

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