Hardcore Patriot

Hosted ByAllen Ray

Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Our founding fathers had a great idea, but it takes a lot of work to maintain a republic…. if we can keep it. The Hardcore Patriot not only focuses on politics, but fitness, survival, and living the good life in America! Throw in a little humor and each show promises to entertain as well as educate!

HCP112020: The Party of Intellectuals? I don’t think so.

Are Democrats REALLY the party of intellectuals? I think not, and I will explain why. PLUS: What you should be planning for 2021.

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HCP092520 Why President Trump MUST Appoint A New Supreme Court Justice, and more…

Politics have reached a feverish pitch, and in order to save this nation, President Trump must take the United States into this election with a full Supreme Court. Plus:...

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