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Every other Friday, enjoy the refreshingly non-political podcast about everything else!

IDTFF040320 Cabin Fever Episode, with Special Guest Heather Couchenour!

Feeling trapped yet? Kids driving you nuts? Hard time coping? Listen in and get some ideas on how to cure the Cabin Fever Blues!

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IDTFF032020 COVID19, How To Start NOW To Be An Asset Not A Liability

Maybe I'm a little bit prepperish, but don't you think its time to start thinking about how you can HELP and not HINDER the effort to work through this...

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IDTFF030620 Springtime Blues!

Join Allen Ray for the news and topics that you won't hear on the evening news!

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IDTFF022120 What Saved Ryan Newman? Solar Minimum and More…..

This episode; How did Ryan Newman walk away from his wreck? What is a solar minimum and why does it matter? And more #Nerdfest

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IDTFF020720 Your Future, Your Past, and Why it Matters

We seem to be on the eve of taking technology to a whole new level. How?? Listen and find out!

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