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IDTFF10419 Are We Alone?

Are you afraid to relax? You're not alone. Will we find life on other planets? How will it effect our life? #Nerdfest

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IDTFF 090619 Dad Lectures, New Technology, Is SW Dead and More!

This episode of #IDTFF Buying a used car, listen to this first New Atomic Clock Launch Burning Calories and more.....

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IDTFF082319 Space Force, Robot Pilots and Hidden Security Threats

Today on "I Do This For Free" Space Force Kickoff Bluetooth Bandits Robo Pilots And so much more.......

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IDTFF080919 Bugout Bags with Guest Host Anthony (@son_of_2cynicAl )

72 Hour Bag, Get Home Bag, Bug Out Bag, Survival Bag....they're not just for "preppers". Allen Ray and Anthony break down the survival basics to help YOU plan you...

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