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LPOTR Forget impeachment; it’s time for an Impeach-out!The Power Shift in UK and MO!

Forget impeachment; it's time for an Impeach-out! The I.G. report paints an ugly picture of the DoJ. Boris wins bigly? Enjoy it while it lasts, Greta Thunberg! The Great...

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#LPotR Impeach-o-rama, Gam Gam Throws A Tantrum, More Clowns in the 2020 Clown Car and Whats Next For Harris?

Impeach-o-rama: the Dems’ coup neither ends nor gets legit. Getting Pelosi'd: Gam-gam throws a tantrum. Changing lanes: new passengers in the 2020 clown car. And the Great Things Kamala...

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Just Impeach-y

Just Impeach-y: The Democrats' dumb coup drags on. Not-so-great-debate: the Dems' 2020 clown car parks in Atlanta. On the Warpath: Warren should be thrown off the Georgia ballot. And...

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#LPotR 11-15-19 The “impeachment” (coup) creaks along. Like the Jeff Epstein memes, Hillary 2020 just won’t die.and MO!

The "impeachment" (coup) creaks along. Like the Jeff Epstein memes, Hillary 2020 just won't die. Off-target on school shootings. And pay to play in the NCAA. All this -...

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#LPOTR What Ever Happened to the Whistle Blower? #EpseinDidNotKillHimself!! and MO!

Billionaires buying the Democrats because they can. "Jeff Epstein didn't kill himself" - the meme that mocks the media. Whatever happened to that whistleblower? - the impeachment sham shuffles...

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