Last Pod on the Right

#LPOTR Whistle Blown!

Schiff and the Democrat Party are enemies of the state. Climate Strikeout: Greta and the global warmists get burned. And Joe Biden heads down the campaign fail. click above...

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Last Pod on the Right: Millennial Morons

Many millennials are morons. Kavanaugh is a Kava-nope for the Democrats. Faking impeachment for fun and profit! Oh no, poor Joe (Biden, that is). Saudi...

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Last Pod On The Right – September 14 2019

Post-9/11 & we've gone from fighting islamofascism to swearing it into Congress w/@IlhanMN. @BetoORourke wants to end "gun violence" by killing legal gun owners. And mo', fo' FREE! @KLRNRadio...

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