Remember The Fallen

It is a known fact that war and high levels of tension can change a person. Sometimes, the road back into mainstream society can be just as difficult as one’s time in the Service — overseas and at home. And when the support disappears...
We all need a voice to speak out, so we don’t get forgotten. It’s time to remember the sacrifices of our Armed Forces — past, present, and future.
Remember the Fallen
Sgt Dave served in Afghanistan, returning home with a tale of perseverance and survival. He is not alone. Join Sgt Dave as he talks to other veterans about their own experiences, and how their time in the Service affects their everyday lives and their families.

Nursing Homes Hallways of DEATH

The shocking statistics just came out that 41% of DEATH's from the CCP Virus came from Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Facilities, we have let down our most vulnerable...

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Conspire Conspire Pants On Fire

Conspiracy theory is an attempt to explain harmful or tragic events as a result of the actions of a small, powerful group. Such explanations reject the accepted narrative surrounding...

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Are Scientist Globalist or Elitist

Deep State getting deeper into your freedoms...Are the globalist taking food from your family's table...elitist shutting down the Global Economy...hear this podcast and be sure to share it before...

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CCP Profits Before Humanity

I'm not afraid of dying. Why should I be afraid of you, Communist Party? Chen Quishi -Citizen Journalist. I don't want to shut my eyes and ears...I'm doing this...

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Health Care Workers Warriors

There is a Superman shirt under every health care worker scrubs, Listen and hear the stories of their fight for the survival of their patients and themselves.

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Covid Kills 80 at Veterans Elderly Care

80 veteran residents sickened with the coronavirus did not survive the Valley of The Shadow of Death, it stands right now as the deadliest known outbreak at a long-term...

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