Remember The Fallen

It is a known fact that war and high levels of tension can change a person. Sometimes, the road back into mainstream society can be just as difficult as one’s time in the Service — overseas and at home. And when the support disappears...
We all need a voice to speak out, so we don’t get forgotten. It’s time to remember the sacrifices of our Armed Forces — past, present, and future.
Remember the Fallen
Sgt Dave served in Afghanistan, returning home with a tale of perseverance and survival. He is not alone. Join Sgt Dave as he talks to other veterans about their own experiences, and how their time in the Service affects their everyday lives and their families.

COVID 19 Acute Stress NOT Cute

We all pretty much know that stress can have an acute effect on the human body. When the body is stressed, muscles tense up, like you remember brother's and...

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Dr. G

PTSD or Traumatic Brain Injury Dr G will explain in detail Author of Turn the Lights On and Founder of

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Diversionary Vets Court Mike Philips 180

This program allows a client to participate in court made up of other Veterans. It is expected that those participating in the VTC will agree to submit to...

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Hear HER Roar

More than 700 female soldiers have been allowed into previously restricted combat jobs out of the roughly 65,000 women in the Army. In 2017, a woman was accepted into...

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We at K-9 LINE are here to provide tailored training to meet the specific needs of each individual veteran applicant. Our program is in most cases a 6 to...

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