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Robinson & Wright

Rick Robinson and Dan Wright team up. They love to shoot holes in political lies. Both sides will face the fire of Robinson and Wright. Hear the shots ring out every Wednesday.

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The Cocktail Lounge

Hosted ByAggie and Brad

Aggie and Brad discuss a variety of topics. Tune in and find out, only on KLRN!

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The Lost Wanderer

Hosted ByJ E Double F

The Lost Wanderer. The bi-weekly show about Space and all the news worthy of being talked about. Every other Friday at 11pm, following HARDCORE PATRIOT

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Toxic Masculinity

A Show starring the Men of Rick Robinson, The Conservative Curmudgeon, and Ordy the Opulent Amish, with guest appearances from some of the other men as well. This show takes a tongue-in-cheek look at the anti-male climate of the day and pulls no punches regarding the emasculation of men and the hate of the feminazi movement.

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