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America off the Rails is hosted by nationally syndicated talk show host Rick Robinson.

Conservative talk show host Rick Robinson discusses the events of the day.
Rick always tells it like it is. No one wants to face the truth, but America is off the rails.
We need to stand up and get involved so we can get back on track.

#AOTR 05/10/18 What the Hell Has Happened to the Media?

The leftist leaning elite MSM is collectively losing their mud over Trump scuttling the Iran Deal and 3 political prisoners being returned from NORKO.... But why?

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AOTR 05/03/18 Ordy Leaves the Donkey Farm

Rick is joined by the co-host of FOOBAR One Nation Under Foo Ordy the Opulent Amish (Before you ask that's his Twitter moniker, not his actual name!) Ordy is...

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AOTR 04-30-18 Why Faith Matters, Iran and Sarah Sanders

Today we cover: Why is faith such a bad word now? What happened to Everyone's favorite nerd girl from Smallville. Sarah Sanders the lion of the press room...

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#AOTR #AlfieEvans Has it Happened Here #NorthKorea and More

We are sad to report that shortly after this episode originally aired, Alfie Evans was called home. On this episode, we discuss the plight of his parents and take...

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