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Who We Are

First and foremost we are a family. KLRNRadio started as one man’s dream. A dream to return radio to it’s glory days.

Podcasting was a fairly new idea when this dream began and it was the perfect medium for that dream.

Radio used to be about fun and informative programming before it became the commercialized beast it is today and we at KLRNRadio are on a mission to find that missing spark again.

While it may have started with one man’s idea we are now a network of shows that span America and have a worldwide audience. We house everything from political commentary to sports shows and everything in between.

If you love great podcasts we have a home for you. If you have a great podcast and want to be part of a family we have a home for you. In short whether you love listening to great podcasts, have a podcast or want to start one. Welcome home to KLRNRadio.