He Said, She Said

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Join Aggie and Mickey as they put a spin on mundane topics from two different points of view.

He Said She Said: Our Favorite Movie NUDE Scenes – The DudeBroShow

Vincent Charles returns to cohost with Mickey for another He Said She Said installment of The DudeBroShow where they discuss their favorite Hollywood nude movie scenes.

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He Said She Said: Let’s Play Sportsball!

Aggie and Mickey come at you live to give a nod to the baseball hall of famer, Hank Aaron, and a discussion of their favorite sports movie films.

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He Said She Said: Vice-O-Rama

Aggie and Mickey return for yet another live and glorious episode to chat about vices and random crap.

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He Said She Said: Brand Spankin’ New Year

Aggie and Mickey return after Christmas break for New Year's Day. Vincent Charles guest hosts as they discuss episodes of The Twilight Zone and drink bottom shelf vodka.

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