He Said, She Said

Hosted ByAggie and Mickey

Join Aggie and Mickey as they put a spin on mundane topics from two different points of view.

Candy! Candy! Candy!

Aggie and MIckey make a BIG announcement and discuss their favorite candy bars and who knows what else might pop up.

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Comfort Movies and Television

Aggie and Mickey discuss the movies and TV shows that they go to for comfort. Pre-Recorded 2/23/21

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Baby, It’s %$#&ing Cold Outside!!

Aggie and Mickey are back and live for another fun show. This week's episode is all about that winter wonderland BS.

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Beer Commercials Galore

Aggie and Mickey discuss their favorite beer commericals from past, present, and future. Just kidding about the future.

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Best Ass in Showbiznass

Aggie is back from her week off to discuss the best asses in Hollywood. Who doesn't like ass?

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Our Favorite Movie NUDE Scenes – The DudeBroShow

Vincent Charles returns to cohost with Mickey for another He Said She Said installment of The DudeBroShow where they discuss their favorite Hollywood nude movie scenes.

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