He Said, She Said

Hosted ByAggie and Mickey

Join Aggie and Mickey as they put a spin on mundane topics from two different points of view.

We’re So Vain We Probably Think This Show Is About Us

Aggie returns after a 2 week break and all bets are off as the booze flows and the zany antics ensue. Oh and they are going to try...

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The Inmates Run The Asylum

Mickey and Vincent Charles host an installment of TheDudeBroShow and let the chatroom decide what they will discuss.

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Regrets? We’ve Got a Few…

If all goes to plan, Aggie and Mickey will discuss things they want to do and things they regret not doing.

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Friday The 13th Horror Extravaganza

Aggie and Mickey observe Friday The 13th with their brand of whimsy, discussing cold case murders and creepy happenings.

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Our Favorite Concerts

Aggie and Mickey plan on discussing their favorite concert experiences and whatever tickles their fancy.

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