He Said, She Said

Hosted ByAggie and Mickey

Join Aggie and Mickey as they put a spin on mundane topics from two different points of view.

The DudeBroShow – stoned X-Files

Jon Katz returns to cohost The DudeBrowShow with Mickey as the two cop a buzz and geek out on all things fringe science, paranormal, and UFOs.

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Modern Christmas Movies

Aggie and Mickey booze it up and talk about their favorite Christmas movies from the last 20 years.

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Black Friday Avoidance – Non Traditional Christmas Songs

Aggie and Mickey avoid the Black Friday masses and saddle up to host He Said She Said to booze it up and discuss their favorite Christmas songs

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The DudeBroShow – Reimagine Movies

Vincent Charles returns to guest host. Hilarity ensues as Vincent and Mickey reimagine movies and other pop cultural items.

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The Worst Birthdays EVER

Aggie and Mickey return for another week to discuss horrible birthdays, Lu joins in on the convo.

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