He Said, She Said

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Join Aggie and Mickey as they put a spin on mundane topics from two different points of view.

Sh*tty Movies That We Love or Hate

Aggie and Mickey booze it up and discuss the sh*ttiest movies and why they love or hate them.

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Welcome Back Dr. Scot!

Dr. Scot, one of the show's first alums returns to the show to discuss plastic surgery, boobies, and cooking! Drinks flow and shennigans ensue!

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Cancel Culture Can Suck Our Nuts

Aggie and Mickey return to boozily discuss cancel culture and song lyrics, IF things go as planned. Hilarity shall ensue!

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Sean Connery The Redo

Aggie and Mickey return for another week of shenanigans. Vincent Charles returns to guest host and redo last week's drunken Sean Connery Mess.

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The Dude Bro Show Salutes Sean Connery

Vincent Charles returns to cohost He Said She Said with another episode of The DudeBroShow. All things Sean Connery will be discussed!

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