Loftus Party with Michael Loftus

Hosted ByMichael Loftus

Producer of the Freedom to Laugh Comedy Tour & frequent Fox News guest Michael Loftus gives an irreverent take on news, entertainment & culture. Join Michael & his co-host the Liberty Gypsy in the pursuit of life, liberty & some serious happiness!

#TLP EP 216 Yes, There is an Upside to COVID 19 Plus: New Drinking Game

Shelter in Place, National Gaurd, voluntary quarantine and everything in between! Michael and Stacey share the upside to Coronapocalypse and more!

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#TLP EP 215 Wuhan Quarantine-a-palooza PLUS: Sex,TP, and Mood Music!

We're all thinking it but nobody wants to ask: Is this how the Zombie Apocalypse starts? Michael and Stacey Discuss the Wuhan Baby boom, TV Explosion and more

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#TLP EP 214 Spanish Flu VS Corona Virus! Plus CPAC and MSNBC

The Gypsy is back from CPAC and despite what the media wants you to believe this isn't the end of the world.

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#TLP EP 213 A Corona Virus Upside? Plus Manscaping Challenge & Super Tuesday Predictions

The Gyspy is off rubbing elbows with the DC Elite at CPAC so Michael and Kung Fu Rick talk Corona Virus Bernie and Biden and MORE

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#TLP EP 212 TMZ and Tucker All in One Week! PLUS: Bernie and Russia?!

Michael has been everywhere lately Fox Nation Tucker Carlson and even TMZ. Tune in as he and The Gypsy talk about his travels, the Nevada Caucus, and more!

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