Loftus Party with Michael Loftus

Hosted ByMichael Loftus

Producer of the Freedom to Laugh Comedy Tour & frequent Fox News guest Michael Loftus gives an irreverent take on news, entertainment & culture. Join Michael & his co-host the Liberty Gypsy in the pursuit of life, liberty & some serious happiness!

#TLP EP 208 Forget Facts Were Looking For Emotion and Boobs! PLUS Game of Thrones News

Impeachment Aint about facts it's about feelings. Michael and The Gyspy discuss that and so much more on this episode of The Loftus Party

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TLP EP 207 Another Womens March, Impeachment Update PLUS: Best Royal Booty!

Well, it's MLK Day so what better way to talk about marching? There's another women's march. The latest on Impeachment and the best "royal booty"

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#TLP Ep 206 We Love Freedom of Speech Like Gwyneth Paltrow Loves Candles Plus RIP Neil Pert

A very fine musician is no more and Gwyneth Paltrow is making candles that smell like WHAT? Michael and the Liberty Gypsy talk this and so much more!

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#TLP EP 205 Iran, Vegas, and Star Wars Plus: Facebook Ideas!

Trump ordered a very bad man killed and the left will have none of it! Michael and The Gypsy talk about the Strike against Iran, Michael's trip to Vegas...

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